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A center of gravity position that cannot be set with a normal Texas rig, and a weight balance with a low center of gravity enables a slightly earlier retrieve that would float with a normal hook. It also makes it easier to keep the range at a constant speed, which is an important factor in swimming. A roll action is generated by straight retrieve with a shad type / stick bait type worm, and when used with an S-shaped type worm, the action is supported and the predation switch is turned on! Furthermore, in order to show a stable bottoming posture that makes it difficult for the worm to fall sideways, it is a weighted hook with a wide range of uses, such as making the worm stand up and increasing its appeal in the Texas rig and heavy Carolina rig of hog type worms.

Size Weight QTY/Packet
#2/0 0.5g 5
#3/0 1g 5
#4/0 1.5g 4
#5/0 2.2g 4