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FEED Jungle Bash Baitcasting Rods


FEED Jungle Bash Baitcasting Rods
The JUNGLE Baitcast series was designed with heavy-duty lure fishing needs. They have the absolute grunt in the backbone. This is enabled proprietary X-wrap system on the ultimate carbon composite blanks. However, they retain a supple forwards section to ensure the most effortless casting. Sensitivity is the key with the metal-touch cockpit design which allows 100% transmission of the slightest motion to the angler’s hands through quality Fuji components. It is paramount that Angler comfort is also key, so dragging that brute from the sticks is made easier by the over-sized butt end to give maximum leverage with minimal hurt.


Length 6 Foot 4 inches
Lure weight max 50g
P.E. 4
1 Piece


Length 6 Foot 6 inches
Lure weight max 70g 
P.E. 7
1 Piece

Length 6 foot 6 inch
Lure Weight Max 100g 
P.E. 8
1 Piece

JBC-664MH (Travel)
Length 6 foot 6 inches
Lure weight Max 35g
P.E. 2
4 Piece