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FEED Jungle Pin Point Baitcasting Rods


FEED Jungle Pin Point Baitcasting Rods

Pin Point 1 Piece:
When ultimate response and lightweight sensitivity is key, the flagship PIN-POINT one piece series is the only one. Boasting the latest Nano-Wrap technology, the rod's magic stems from the special blank developed through rigorous research and development. Quality componentry from Fuji ensures performance that belongs to a class of it's own.

Guides: Fuji K Fazlite

Model Length

Line Rating

Lure Weight Rod Weight Section


6'6" PE 1.5 15g 101g 1 Piece
JBC-66M 6'6" PE 2 25g 102g 1 Piece
JBC-66MH 6'6" PE 2.5 35g 119g 1 Piece


6'6" PE 1.5 15g 94g 2 Piece
JBC-662M 6'6" PE 2 25g 96g 2 Piece
JBC-662MH 6'6" PE 2.5 35g 100g 2 Piece