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GOBBLERS LURES 2.75" Jerk Shad


Gobblers Lures Jerk Shads are well suited for anglers wanting to impart action into the lure via their rod technique.


This can range from retreiving very fast for pelagics like Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Mackerel and even small Marlin on them. Most predatory fish cannot resist the fast tail beat as this lure pulses throught he water at high speed. If reef fishng is more your scene the jerk shads have less resistance than paddle tail or curl tail lures and therefore, get to the bottom quicker with less jig head weight. There are a few ways to work them over reefs. You can dance them 1 meter off the bottom bouncing the rod tip to entice a bite or if you know there are Kingfish,Amber Jack or Trevally in the area a quick jerking retrieve to the surface is sure to see your rod tip touch the water as these brutes hit. If estuaries are more your style then using these lures slower with light weights you can work them over shallow banks so they dart from side to side. Flathead and all other speices love hitting an eratic action lure. 


Our 3.75", 4.75" & 6" sizes have belly slots which make rigging them a breeze. Gives you the option to rig them weedless for fishing heavy structure, the belly slot refracts the light enhancing the lures colour and skin tones.