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SHOUT ASSIST HOOKS 10-PJ Powerful Jaco Glow


SHOUT 10-PJ Powerful Jaco Glow

The Shout Power Jaco Assist Hook is suitable for big fish such as Kingfish, Amberjacks and Dogtooth tuna. its comes tied to the Proven Shout "Jaco Hooks". Stronger Assist Cords and a more robust knot holds these Hooks. all these characteristics make the SHOUT POWERFUL JACO ASSIST HOOKS more durable and reliable for both stronger or toothier Critters! Comes with Glow Beads to improve visual presentation. 

 Size       -     QTY/Packet

#1/0      -            3

#2/0      -            3

#3/0      -            3

#4/0      -            2

#5/0      -            2