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ZMAN Stingerz 2"


A realistic shad profile with a unique, bulbous tail that is designed to dance and quiver with any movement. The shad body holds a jighead well, while the thin, segmented jerk tail allows the bulbous, cross tail to undulate and attract the strike.

Twitch it, shake it, hop it, the tail cannot stay still, making this profile ideal for fishing vertically around structure and to schooled fish, while still being deadly when cast and retrieved.

From bream, whiting and flathead in the salt, to trout, redfin and bass in the fresh, this little bite-size snack is a great representation of a baitfish, tadpole or insect.

TT HeadlockZ Finesse Jighead - #2
TT HeadlockZ HD Jighead - #4
TT HWS (Hidden Weight System) Jighead - #2

ZMAN Stingerz 2"

8 pack