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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100 (except for Rods)
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100 (except for Rods)

POWER EYE Peewee WX4 Marked 200m


"Power Eye PeeWee WX4" has the world's strongest fishing thread material "Ultra Dyneema", which has four times the strength of nylon, as the raw thread, and the new manufacturing method "WX method" realizes an increase in strength that exceeds the normal PE line. The straightness and surface slipperiness of the raw yarn have been greatly improved.

By using HD4 BLADE (high-density 4-strand) as the raw yarn, the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, and it is a high-performance PE line that improves casting performance, speeds of vertical yarn drop, and reduces guide scraping noise. Finished.


"MARKED" is 5 colors with high visibility and is color-coded every 10m. Standard meter mark type with 5m and 1m markings. Experience the "eye power" with lures, tenya games, and ship accessories.


AIPHA TACKLE ATEC made in japan 4-knit PE rye