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Fullrange 66R
Bearing: 10 Ball Bearing + 1
Weight: 168g
Line Capacity: 16lb 100m
Line Retrieve: 70cm/1 rotation
Drag: 6.5kg

  • Compact design of palm side cover with low profile and slim
  • Aluminum center frame with slim thumb rest. Hardness and lightness wirth reinforced carbon material of side cover.
  • 6 Pin manual adjustable centrifugal brake system. 3 size brake shoe for delicate control brake.
  • Light and shaft-less duralumin spool with low resistance
  • 90mm carbon crank handle for stable and high response
  • Realization of drag power and smooth stick slip by carbon drag washer
  • One touch open slide side cover
  • Stationary drag
  • Gear ratio 6.6:1 which corresponds widely to retrieve
  • Oil and neoprene reel cover included